Tyler Paul Hyndman

Related Experience

Software Engineer, 2012 - present
Partek, Inc.; St. Louis, MO

Key contributions to Partek's Java web application, Partek Flow, include adding support for third party tools, improving prediction algorithms, and profiling backend C++ software to optimize performance and reduce RAM requirements. During my time at Partek, I have expanded my knowledge of object oriented programming by effectively using design patterns to improve code maintainability. Other responsibilities include fielding customer questions and providing customer support.

C++ Software Developer, 2009 - 2012
Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc.; St. Louis, MO

My primary responsibilities at ESRD, Inc. included maintaining our C++ COM API, which is the critical infrastructure that enables .NET user interfaces and Excel VBA scripts to communicate with C++ and legacy FORTRAN software. This requires me to have a general understanding of our products at all levels. Typical work flow included receiving a defect report, writing a failing regression test in C#, and implementing a fix in our C++ COM and lower level abstractions ensuring all regression tests pass.

Other responsibilities involve supporting interfaces to third party libraries (such as Hoops and MeshSim), maintaining a legacy C++ code base, and helping out anywhere else as needed.

Software Programmer, 2008 - 2009
Bradley University; Peoria, IL

  • Designed a question writing wizard interface
  • Implemented interface with object-orianted concepts in PHP
  • Assessed requirements through weekly discussions with a mathematics professor

Camera Security System Developer, 2008 - present
First Baptist Church of Oak Park; Oak Park, IL

  • Developed web interface software in PHP to read a MySQL database of video entries
  • Implemented software in JavaScript and CSS to provide a clean user-friendly interface
  • Build several computers and installed camera in pivotal regions throughout the church

Computer Lab Administrator, 2006
First Baptist Chuch of Oak Park Preschool and Kindergarten; Oak Park, IL

  • Established and administrated a Microsoft-based computer lab of eight donated computers
  • Removed spyware/adware/viruses from computers
  • Instructed teachers on basic knowledge of how to administrate the computers


Operating Systems

Debian Based Linux Distributions; Windows 7; Windows XP

Programming Languages

Java; C++; Scala; C#; PHP; JavaScript


IntelliJ; Eclipse; Microsoft Visual Studio


Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Bachelor of Science Computer Science, Mathematics; May 2009
Overall GPA: 3.70/4.00

Relavant Courses

Computer Science Capstone Project - Web Interface Wiki for Tetrahymena

  • Collaborated with a team including a biology professor using Drupal and PHPMyEdit
  • Used PHP to display information from a MySQL database
  • Developed tools to be used to update information in the database

Mathematics Senior Project - Golf Scheduling Problem

  • Researched in the area of cobinatorial design theory
  • Developed C++ software to search for solutions
  • Presented results at multiple math conferences including the Illinois Section of the Mathematical Association of America's Annual Meeting in April, 2009


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior in Computer Science Award, 2009
Continuing Excellence Scholarship, 2007 - 2009
Bradley's University Scholarship, 2005 - 2009
Eagle Scout Award, 2001